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582 dollars

Started by Bigguy, Oct 02, 2018, 08:56 am

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Who remembers the days when building a computer cost about 500 bucks...I do. Processors were cheap and so were video cards and every other component you needed. Nowadays, the cheapest thing about building a computer is the gas you spend on the way to buy everything. Intel has come up with a new processor. In the range of about 500 bucks. Well, that's not much of a deal, at least I don't think so. 8 cores and 16 threads is impressive though. Still, to spend money like that on one component means people like me who build at home will not be buying this anytime soon.



That's way out of my price range but would be nice to have...


Oh for sure. Somethin like that would be great.


I am happy with my AMD FX-6300 6core @ £80


I've got a AMD A10-7850K with 4 cores and works nicely for what I do. Built the PC myself a couple of years ago.


Mine has four cores as well and works nice. I didn't build this one...well, I rebuilt it I guess. Everything out and than back in again. The way it should've been.


Funny seeing this thread, because the last couple of days, I was thinking about building my own computer. But reading this, I have no dam idea what your talking about..

My brother built every computer he had. But at the prices now guess I'll stick with what I have..

I also have the first computer I ever bought, still works,as far as I know it's a gaming computer, that is what the salesman told me and that is what I asked for..

I bought two fairly new computers a Dell I was given by a lady friend, her son screwed it up. I had to buy a new motherboard for it, and I use it today, runs great. I also bought a fairly new use Acer, again I have to buy a start switch and motherboard, I used it as a backup, then my neighbours computer blew and i sold the Acer to him, he loves it..

I think my computer days are pretty well over, I get tired of the same old shit every day..I read the news on the Internet visit a few forums, and then leave it.


You can still find cheap parts around. You have to search for that independant computer shop that is run by a person not connected with a big corporation.


I did a little bit of research and stumbled upon a decent deal and will do it again when I need everything updated years from now.

Some of the larger computer shops/chains resell bare bone computers that were in offices.
They install a new OS on it and sell the model at a fraction of the cost it was brand new.
Just make sure the CPU, memory & motherboard (<- lots of PCIe expansion slots) are top notch and then expand it how you want.

This saved me a lot of money for what I built in the end.
Clicking/pushing expansion hardware into place isn't difficult.


There are stores, brick and mortar and online, that sell parts really cheap. I usually go to http://www.microcenter.com There's a real store about 45 minutes from here and they have excellent support. The people there know what they are doing and very willing to help. Been going there for over 20 years. They sell everything! They even have classes to teach people how to do things and will also build a PC for you while you wait with the parts you've chosen. If they don't have something I want I get it from amazon.

I suggest you go to https://www.tomshardware.com They've been around for ages and can answer any questions you have about computers. They helped me a lot when I first started building.