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is the main focus of this site. We are going to be talking about everything we can. It is important to us that everybody's voice gets heard, the right way. We strive to keep conflict down and good discussion up. Join in and see for yourself.
Today at 06:56 am by Bigguy
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249 kmh winds. that's Willa and she is just off the coast of Mexico. She is supposed to make landfall sometime between...
Yesterday at 04:11 pm by Bigguy
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Ok, so the guy stole some fajita's, is that any reason to put him in jail for 50 years, lol. I think that is a bit much....
Yesterday at 04:01 pm by Bigguy
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No one was hurt so that's a great thing when posting about something like this. I guess at a party, after the music had...
Yesterday at 01:47 pm by Bigguy
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Did you know that siging into google while using chrome signs you into chrome as well. Even if I don't use the browser...
Yesterday at 01:40 pm by Bigguy
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We all knew that W10 has flaws in it. We all knew MS was to blame as well. This article tells us that they are...
Yesterday at 01:20 pm by Bigguy
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Are we gonna slip back into this type of situation now. Trump is now playing with something real dangerous. The Russians....
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