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Has the day of the online forum passed. Did social media play a huge role in this. The answer to these two questions is very simple from my point of view. No, the forum days are not over yet. Social media had a big hand in how forums are looked at today.

When I got into making websites, a long time ago. At least 10-12 years ago or more. Most sites were static. Just a page with info on it and no way to interact. That, over time, changed a great deal. Forum sites became very popular. They were dynamic and interactive.

You could build a website for more people to interact with. They could chat and discuss relevant issues pertaining to the content of the forum. New friendships were formed and communities were born. This was the start of the forum site as we know it. Lets start from the beginning.

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 Rain, Rain... over and over and then all over again!!!  :dh

Seems like it has been going on just about forever, yes I do know that's not really true, but Kay and me have enjoyed this weather for about as much as we can stand.

Here's a fun factoid though, our...

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Nice this week in the UK...:yes

A few boards are gonna be moved over to www.smfhelper.com from this site. Nothing major but there is no sense having two boards the same on different website. Mostly boards from the Tech area will be moved. Once they are than I will hide those boards on this site so post...

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They were sayin we were supposed to have 80 kmh winds today. They were not lyin, lol. Van almost blew over goin down the road. Wind is supposed to die down sometime today but it still sounds like it's blowin hard. I hope the weather is better for you all than it is for me. :...

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I knew there was somethin wrong with our galaxy. I mean all that happens here on earth has to have some explaination right. Well, this is probably not it but it turns out with a new 3d map....our galaxy is a bit warped.
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